Adib Daiykh
1938 - 2001

Adib Daiykh : Born in Aleppo in 1938, belongs to a highly reputated à une lignée de chantres (munshid) réputés. Highly valued from Middle East to Maghreb, this native aleppian, has rarely travelled abroad, but music lovers made copies of the cassettes and passed them around like a treasure. They transmitted a new style of expression that was broadly imitated by Arab singers. He is quoted as a real musical monument : altogether vocal phenomenon and a fount of knowledge in maqâmat, his art of modulation from one maqâm to another and his perfect mastership of an immeasurable classical repertoire. He might be the only contemporary singer whose voice reminds of the arab singers from the beginning of the century. The high-pitched and youthful tessitura of his voice is called al-farkha (the cheeping of baby birds) and applies to men and women alike.Capable of going from the lowest to the the highest notes with great ease, his ambitus covers three octaves.