The Sublime Art of Ghazal

Adib Daiykh and Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss at the Bimaristan Arghuni in Aleppo
Adib Daiykh, Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss
" The Sublime Art of Ghazal "

Ghazal, the refined art of the Arab courteous poetry

From Persian origin, the ghazal is regarded as the highest kind of Levantine of poetry and the great mystics who were Hâfez, Sa' di and Rûmî were the most refinet poets of the art. Very quickly this poetry of love with spiritual resonances was spread in the majority of the Oriental countries of Islamic culture and more particularly in the educated social class linked to the various brotherhoods of the Sufism.
From Turkey to India,, the Arab world in the Central Asia, this refined lyric kind inspired by many artists, sensitive to subtleties with dialectical erotism in which the human love becomes the symbol of the mystical union, the spiritual reference makes it possible to justify the flow of the most terrestrial passions.

Adib Daiykh adulated, artist in his country, Master of the qasîda (impromptu poem) and the vocal improvisation, expresses the most purified erudite tradition the Arab East. He is perhaps the only contemporary singer whose so flexible and high perched voice recalls with a certain nostalgia the Arab singers of the beginning of the century.

In duo with J.J.Weiss, whereas the voice is constant only by the subtle arabesques of the qânun, he delivers to us the quintessence of a sober and joyful art by its inexhaustible melodic richness. More than one monotonous chant, his chant is an interior jubilation, always seeming to express the pain of the living in search of light. Vibrating with intense enthusiasm, his voice rises in the night of the heart, brought to the highest degree of his inspiration by the crystalline cascades of the qânun.

Making alternate compositions on traditional poems and spontaneous improvisations, the singer and the musician keep constantly faithful to their emotional interior music.

Adib Daiykh - Singer
Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss - Arabic zither (Qânun), artistic direction